About Selling

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression.

When preparing your home for sale, you want to minimize the flaws while maximizing its attributes. First impressions are extremely important to potential buyers so curb appeal is key, fresh cut lawns, trimmed hedges, colorful flower beds, clean walk ways and driveways, as well as nice clean windows throughout the property have a positive impact.

On the interior your home should be free of clutter and arranged in a way to show its full potential. Pack whatever you don’t use on a daily basis and store it in a particular area of the house such as the basement or the garage to show your home as clean as possible at all times. You may also want to pack away family photos and personal items so buyers can visualize their own belongings throughout the house.

Make repairs to any leaking faucets or loose doors or handles.  Check all the light switches and outlets and make sure all rooms have adequate lighting and plenty of clean floor space for buyers to walk around.  A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to brighten up any room using neutral colors that will appeal to everyone.

Please contact us at any time to set up an appointment to analyze the market in your area and to implement a marketing strategy to get your property sold.  We also offer relocation assistance anywhere in the United States so tell us where you want to go and we will reach out to our network of Realtors who will help you achieve your Fresh Start.

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Selling Tips

  • Hire a REALTOR®
  • Touch up interior and exterior paint as needed. Neutral colors work best!
  • If carpet and flooring appear worn or dated they should be replaced.
  • Make sure the front of the house is clean and spruced up. Curb appeal is key to making a great first impression.
  • Keep the interior clean and clutter free. Have your house ready for perspective buyers at all times.
  • Start packing! Reducing the number of personal items such as nick nacks and family photos helps buyers imagine what the space will look like with their belongings.
  • Put excess furniture and belongings in storage. Donate unwanted items to a worthy charity.