Dorothy Thorpe - Realtor®
Dorothy Thorpe - Realtor ®
Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

(516) 225-4812
Dorothy first started in real estate more than 25 years before she joined the Fresh Start Properties team. Looking to further her education, Dorothy took a step away from the business and first earned an AAS and then a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation she worked in a public relations capacity for the same company for 23 years. Understanding that it takes building great relationships and a steadfast dedication to the needs of clients and customers, she decided to return to real estate and take her knowledge and business experience to new heights.

As a realtor, Dorothy continues to focus on working with her clients to make sure they are heading in the right direction and helping them find their dream home. She also works with sellers to insure they are getting the most from their investment and selling at the right market value. She believes honesty, loyalty, and caring are the keys to being a successful realtor.